Switch to bidet to join a global community of people living cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lives.
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Improve Hygiene

Reduce skin irritation and associated problems


Perfect for those who find toilet paper painful due to medical conditions


Limit your environmental impact through reduced toilet paper consumption

Easy Installation

Easy self installation, no plumber required

Multi Purpose

Other uses include Pet washing, diaper and Household cleaning




Happy butts

“We were new to the world of bidets, but after living in Asia, we came to really appreciate the practicality of having a bidet in our home. So when we came back to the US, we knew we needed to get a bidet for our home! We searched the internet, read all the reviews, and finally settled on the Peachy Clean Bidet, and couldn’t be happier! We loved that Peachy Clean is a small family-run business that puts quality and sustainability at the top of their priorities. Our package arrived within 2 days of ordering, and I felt like part of the family as soon as I opened the box! There has been so much attention to detail, complete with a sweet welcome note! There is absolutely NO plastic used in the packaging, which I love. Everything is beautifully wrapped paper, and my kids had a blast opening each little package! Upon picking up the different pieces of the bidet, I could really feel the quality of the materials. There was a weight and solidness to the components that I didn’t expect. It was simple to install and I am so happy with my purchase. I especially love that I can use the spray nozzle to help rinse off stains and dirt from clothes before throwing them into the wash! I recommend this to EVERYONE now! And even our friends who thought bidets were weird, are starting to love it too!”

Amazon customer

“It does what it’s supposed to do. It was easy to install, maybe 5 mins, as long as you have a flexible connector going from wall to toilet. It’s nice looking, but it does make me wish I could get a full on bidet toilet. But this is also substantially less than a grand. It’s packaged really nicely, and even comes with a small bit of plumbers tape, just in case. Nice touch.”

A. Perez
Jacksonville, Florida

“Installation was quite easy with the instructions that came in the box. The spray is sturdy and well constructed. A friend suggested using bidet sprays so I was skeptical at first, but now am using this all the time. It gives me a better clean and is better for the environment. Thanks Peachy Clean!”

Amazon customer



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